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“In three months, I was able to double my income.”
- Dresean R.
worked with Terry Rice
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“Everything is streamlined! It's amazing and like a whole new world!”
- Marly D.
worked with Caitlyn Gray
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“Diana's expertise took my HoneyBook from a 7/10 to a 10/10.”
- Michael T.
worked with Diana Wei Fang
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“Regina made my ideas come to life through an amazing website and system.”
- Janet J.
worked with Regina Martinez
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“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders to have my entire workflow automated.”
- Morgan W.
 worked with Dahlia Orth
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“Kyle has helped me push through obstacles that have held me back for years.”
- Jeanna H.
 worked with Kyle Goldie
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“It's so exciting to feel organized.”
- Deanna W.
 worked with Laura Neff
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“The work Deanna did for us with our brand, our website, and our HoneyBook was a game-changer.”
- Barbees
 worked with Deanna Burks
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Pro FAQs

Still have a question?  Get in touch at pros@honeybook.com

How do I decide which Pro is best for me?

Take a look through their website and read up on their specialties and offerings to see what matches your plan and personality. Rest assured, all of our Pros are HoneyBook experts, no matter who you choose, you’re in good hands.

What does a Pro do?

Pros have a comprehensive knowledge of all things HoneyBook. They can help with anything you need, including creating templates, emails, brochures, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, and contact forms as well as workflow design and analysis, account set up and even custom branding.

How much do Pros cost?

Each Pro determines their own pricing depending on their offering and the services you need. HoneyBook Pros are independent business owners, just like you! While we recommend them as experts, HoneyBook does not set prices or service requirements. That’s between you and your Pro.

Are Pros the only people offering help with HoneyBook?

There are a number of businesses offering similar services. Those listed here are just a handful we know of. If you don’t find a fit with one of these Pros, take a look in the HoneyBook Facebook Community where you can make connections with others or post your questions to the HoneyBook community. And as always, the HoneyBook Support team is here for you at concierge@honeybook.com.

What's the difference between a HoneyBook Pro and a HoneyBook Educator?

A HoneyBook Pro offers specific services that map out your business processes and optimizes them using HoneyBook. HoneyBook Educators provide education in a variety of topics (marketing, how to communicate with clients, best practices, etc.) that help small business owners grow.

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