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One of the best investments you can make in your business is optimizing your workflows and process to create a more streamlined and profitable business. It’s life-changing when you see just how easy it is to go from inquiry to contract signed and money collected.

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HoneyBook Setup

Configure Company

The company settings start with your contact information details. The setup in this section covers your basic brand customizations, including button colors, header images, and logos displayed correctly. Your custom domain portal and client login screen are customized as well. I also provide customized integrations at this level or provide video tutorials if you prefer. Lastly, I customize your lead sources, project types, project details, and notifications for efficiency.

HoneyBook Setup

Configure Scheduling

Scheduling is a great way to give clients an easy way to connect with you in various stages of your project. I'll set up your calendar according to your availability. The setup integrates with multiple applications, email signatures, and other places, saving you a lot of time with back and forth emails. I'll connect your HoneyBook calendar with your Google calendar and help you keep track all in one place. I will also set up multiple HoneyBook calendars for various appointment types if needed.

HoneyBook Setup

Email Templates

I love writing for my clients. Once I understand your brand voice, I create a series of emails that take you from the first inquiry to testimonial requests and thank you's. Because each client's needs are unique, I customize them to your specific business and client base. Emails that accompany your other templates are infused with your special touches and provide clarity for your process. When clients get an email from you that I've created, they will feel uniquely attended to by you.

HoneyBook Setup

Setup Integrations

Integrations are part of my service as well. I'm familiar with many applications that are a great pairing with HoneyBook. I will work with you to create an integration solution to help you work efficiently. The possibilities are endless, so inquire about your unique need, and I'll research the best method to achieve your desired outcome. Integrations properly implemented can reduce workloads and repetitive tasks, and I love technology for that reason.

HoneyBook Setup

Post Setup Support

For post-setup support, I'm available for email, zoom, and phone support. I gather information from you in detail upfront to answer as many of your questions as possible. However, I occasionally have clients with more questions. I find that creating a brief video tutorial puts them right back on track. I'm a show and tell girl, and I love visually explaining things because that's how I learn. However you learn, I'm willing to meet you there to ensure you understand.

HoneyBook Setup

Setup Contact Form(s)

The contact form is a strategically designed tool for optimum conversion. I work with you to ensure the correct type of information is collected so that your client fills you in on the front-end. Once the form is optimized, I integrate it into your current website using the HoneyBook code. The HoneyBook contact form is a critical tool and I'll also work closely with you to ensure that information needed that isn't collected on the form can be easily collected in one of the next steps.

HoneyBook Setup

Template Setup

Templates are a game-changer. And designing them for conversion is my area of expertise. With close attention to both function and aesthetics, I ensure that all the templates I design and create, match your brand at every touchpoint. The templates designed include ALL of the HoneyBook template collection from email to brochure and proposal to contract. I even help you customize your payment templates. Every step of the process involves a well-designed template to reduce repetitive tasks.

HoneyBook Setup

Training Resources

I offer multiple options for training and support. I have an online course with complete video tutorials on every topic of HoneyBook setup. In addition, when I complete your setup, I provide a customized video tutorial for your HoneyBook account. This tutorial covers all the optimizations made and how they work. I also offer a podcast and create social media stories with snippets of information on my latest hacks, tips, and tricks. My monthly letter is an informative tool as well.

HoneyBook Setup

Setup Automations

I study your process to set up a series of actions that are automatically put into motion through HoneyBook. For example, a potential client inquires and Automations automatically send your very first email reply, immediately making potential clients feel appreciated. Automations create happiness and reduce work. With all the things you have on your to-do list for every client and project, every bit of automation can help. And with HoneyBook you can automate your process while still staying in complete control.

HoneyBook Optimize

Audit Company Settings

I will review your company settings to ensure you are getting the most out of them. Anything that needs a little refresh, I'll communicate with you prior to making changes. The email signature is a big one! I like to get creative here. Adding your contact info, tagline or very short description of what you do, adding the portal link, scheduling links and more make a great addition to your company settings.

HoneyBook Optimize

Audit Templates

Messy or complicated templates can be confusing and might turn away a potential client. Templates are intended to both inform potential clients about what you do, while also repping your brand. Showing off your work is often left off. I review all of your templates to ensure they are as hard-working as you are. I'll modify existing templates or create some new ones from scratch.

HoneyBook Optimize

Optimize Integrations

Sometimes integrations can be tricky. Fortunately, my other superpowers are coding and understanding technology to make it work for you. If you have integrations set up and they aren't performing, I will troubleshoot and amend them to work their best.

HoneyBook Optimize

Optimize Lead Capture

Once I review your current contact form, I share my thoughts. The art and science of lead capture is knowing how much information is enough and what is too much. Optimum conversion is the goal. Ask too many questions and you run the risk of a potential client moving on out of frustration. Ask too few questions and you don’t have enough information to qualify your lead. Studies have shown that fewer questions up front yield better results than more questions. Keep it simple.

HoneyBook Optimize

Optimize Automations

If you have Automations set up, I will review them and let you know if they can be improved and what you've done well. Freshening up your automation results is more time freed up for you and peace of mind knowing things are running smoothly.

HoneyBook Design


I love spirited design! I work with you to tell your story and build your brand so that you can attract the right clients and do the work you love. Good design makes the difference. Potential clients will judge you based on your aesthetics. It's human nature. I apply tried and true design principles to everything I touch. No matter how insignificant the detail may seem, it's worth the extra time to ensure the design is attractive. Everything should be well designed. Everything.

HoneyBook Design


Why is branding so important? It’s about how your business is represented and experienced. Every detail of your marketing design tells your story and attracts (or repels) your target audience. It’s about color and photography style. Typography and writing style. The details are often small, but impactful and create a lasting impression when done well. I work with many different types of businesses across multiple industries to create well received brands.

HoneyBook Design

Brand Collateral

I consider my brand collateral work to include your main brand mark, alternate logos, color palettes, patterns, typography, photography styling, and your brand voice. When your brand is applied to various mediums, it creates recognition and trust. Whether internal or external, anything and everything that you use, your client sees, or the public sees is brand collateral that needs specific attention.

HoneyBook Strategy

Business Strategy

I often work with clients who know their craft so well. But when faced with tasks like creating proposals, marketing, or even pricing, they feel dread and discomfort. I help my clients understand how to price their work. I work with them to take steps to build self-confidence so they can ask for the compensation they deserve for their work. I also help them create processes that drive sales, create sustainable work, and ultimately make a great living doing what they love.

HoneyBook Strategy

Marketing and Sales

There's so much to marketing. It's constantly evolving. Understanding social media and algorithms that perpetually change are daunting tasks. I work with clients to choose the best methods of marketing that will yield results. A customized plan that makes the most of your valuable time and money is the goal. Because I work with so many different types of business, I get firsthand knowledge of what works and what is a waste of time. I welcome the opportunity to share that insight with you.

HoneyBook Strategy


Configure Company

The company settings start with your contact information details. The setup in this section covers your basic brand customizations, including button colors, header images, and logos displayed correctly. Your custom domain portal and client login screen are customized as well. I also provide customized integrations at this level or provide video tutorials if you prefer. Lastly, I customize your lead sources, project types, project details, and notifications for efficiency.



Kristin B.

"Building a website is stressful - particularly when you are the primary subject or service offering. I'm SO grateful to have found Deanna to guide me through this process. She's technically competent, she has a beautiful design sense, she's fast, she's easy to work with, she provides great training, and she even talked me off the ledge when I was ready to throw in the towel. I'm so very happy to have found her and hope to work together for a long time."


"The work Deanna did for us with our brand, our website, and our HoneyBook was a game changer. It has definitely made a huge difference in our business."

Susan M.

"What a gift Deanna has for making things more beautiful than you can even imagine. She worked hard with me to arrive at a look that met my needs, my own aesthetic, and elevated my brand. It wasn’t easy, but she never gave up and created some stunning imagery for my online presence. Simply lovely work."

Lauren F.

"Deanna designed my brochure through HoneyBook! She made it exactly how I wanted it and taught me the benefits of having a brochure. She was very prompt, showed me how to edit, and worked diligently to make sure I was satisfied. If I ever need additional help on HoneyBook I already know who I will be reaching out to!"

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